Mother Bear’s Choices

Grandmother’s Ponderings

By Christina Wright-Lonheim

mother and baby bearThis time of the year reminds me of Mother Bear’s strong choices. When she becomes impregnated she does not allow the egg(s) to implant until she knows she has enough fat to sustain life.  If not, she does not have a cub.  If so, she becomes full of life.  This is the time the cubs are born and feed from her while she is still hibernating.


For me this image is one of walking together with the Known and Unknown.  I see Bear, waking up from sleep, noticing her three cubs, seeing she has enough to care for what she’s given birth to, and decides to get more rest before springtime comes fully.  I marvel that this spring there will be three new inner expressions, living, because of her Inner Knowing that she is more than enough for this long winter and hard times.

  Earth Blessings, Christina

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