Making a Splash

Grandfather’s Thoughts

By Dale Wright-Lonheim

stoneThe other day I was observing a small child throwing pebbles then rocks into the water.


At first they just made a splash and then sank to the bottom. After a while they discovered that certain shaped rocks were able to make multiple splashes. It was at this point that their interest seemed to shift. Now they seemed more intense than when they started. They became excited and called to their siblings to come see what they could do, and shortly they were all skipping rocks on the water.


What in your life have you done to just make a single splash? What have you done to increase your enthusiasm and share it with others? How have you expanded your view on those situations in your life that in the past only made a small or no impact? What can you do to spread the circle of whom you are by skipping rocks with others?


Remember Mother Earth and All She provides for us,  

Til next time, be blessed and give blessings, Dale


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