Do you want to become a powerful force for bringing healing to our troubled world?

Are you called to do more for others and our planet than you can do from where you are now?

Are you ready to focus and amplify your healing influence to affect the greatest good?

I AM HEART: Shamanic & Family Constellation Techniques for Everyday Healing is a 9-month program bringing together ancient knowledge of shamanism with the contemporary science of family constellation therapy, creating an accelerated healing environment where extraordinary transformation can occur. The program is online with two in-person workshops (you select dates), culminating in a weeklong gathering and training session.

Maybe you are a doctor, nurse, therapist, teacher or other healing professional who longs to bring even more to your clients and guide them toward transformative healing experiences? Or perhaps you come from a discipline outside the healthcare sphere and feel called to serve others through helping them connect the stories they tell with the hidden blueprints of disconnect, trauma, disease, and serious life issues. Incorporating Shamanic Constellation therapy into your practice can bring heart and mind together, using the energy field of the 'soul.'

  • Become a facilitator of family constellation work
  • Use shamanic journeying to heal your own body, relationships, and environment
  • Identify your spiritual helpers and ancestral lands
  • Find your power animal and perform extractions
  • Take individual clients for soul retrieval, spiritual health, and nourishment

Course Dates: Oct 2017 – June 2018

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice that dates back over 100,000 years. The word "shaman" refers to a heart centered approach that walks in hidden realms to interact with helping spirits to address the spiritual aspect of life and death. Many who are unfamiliar with it believe that you have to be a born a shaman to have access to your personal spiritual power.


This course works to teach you that you are shaman (Heart) - to be spiritual is heart-centered.  It is your birthright to know how to perform soul retrievals (reclaim power), as well as remove spiritual obstructions in your life and, if you feel called to do so, give healing to the ones around you.

Shamanism works to reconnect the web of life. Family Constellation helps you see the ancestral energetic bonds that effect you. You are invited to become both a student and teacher of shamanic constellation work.

Your facilitators Christina, Dale, and Anna will bridge ancient knowledge of shamanism with family constellation therapy to help you develop personal tools to cultivate a beautiful inner world that is filled with support and ancestral connection. In the online course we will use case studies from clinical settings, shamanic circles, and teach you how to use spiritual practices to bring healing to those around, enabling you to unpack disorder in your family, social, and intrapersonal life. We'll discuss ethics, transgenerational trauma, and prepare you for using your knowledge in real-world situations.


Doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, practitioners of integrative medicine, therapists, teachers, counselors, yoga instructors, massage therapists, physical therapists, healthcare professionals, life coaches, and others who want to bring an advanced healing approach into their practices and lives.


Christina Wright-Lonheim, M.A., L.M.F.T., S.H.E.S. Minister brings 33 years experience in family therapy, workshops, group and private constellation soulwork, shamanic ritual circles and spiritual healings. She has co-facilitated constellations since 2008.

Christina Wright-Lonheim

Dale Wright-Lonheim, M.S., S.H.E.S. Minister brings 17 years of experience as a shamanic spiritual healer and 50 years as a nature guide. He has co-facilitated constellations since 2008.

Dale Wright-Lonheim

Anna Marie Dinallo, PhD. M.A. LMHC RYT brings 10 years of Health Education experience as an international health delegator and student of Meso-American folk medicine.

Anna Marie Dinallo

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