Guess What’s Cooking

Grandmother’s Ponderings

by Christina Wright-Lonheim

spicesSince Christmas we’ve all been adding, subtracting, ‘stewing’ over what can balance our relationships. Perhaps work seems hard or job lost? Perhaps marriage/friendships have been hard as a rock? Perhaps our creativity and self expression has been hidden, unclear, murky? Since Christmas we have been allowing the Source of our life to be experienced as raw, unfinished, buried deep only to erupt in shock waves, unimaginable or too dull to imagine? Perhaps we’ve wanted to take action and didn’t/couldn’t move.


Underneath Mother Earth’s outer actions, deep within her ‘stew pot’ was a delicious concoction. It’s bubbling into our consciousness now. What ingredients make up your delicious Self? What tasty aroma is coming your way as you smell the new life of spring? The time is now to feed ourselves after the long winter. Feed your longings with a little….loss gets joy (what sound lifts your heart like spring birds chirping)…, hard gets a little soft (what felt sense touches you like a warm blankie)…, hidden gets to peek out from underneath ( like the purple violet underneath its green leaves)….


And most of all what new life is springing forth from that ever-flowing artesian well of inner wisdom that comes forth to be shared with all Our Relations?!!


Taste, touch, smell, feel, hear All Life as it is Here Now. The Source of All That Is comes for you Here Now. You are connected. Take a big Breath and gives thanks.

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