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Lizbeth Vasquez

1- From training what has been the most important learning?
How do you see this learning enhancing your daily life?

What has made a significant impact on my overall experience while learning has been witnessing the strengths and weakness of my powers, mentally and physically. Tangible and intangible experiences of past, present, and future situations have arisen in ways I sometimes can’t imagine. Some of it can be scary at times, especially while invoking a person you wanting to see but knowing is not a good idea to encounter.

2-Describe the ‘Middle World’ spirit place through one experience you’ve had with your guardian animal.

Personally, I require more expertise in journeying because at times my experiences can be scary. I feel like I deviate at times in the middle world and that is why I don’t necessarily feel safe. I think that is just a reflection of my ignorance in the physical world where I experience “fear”. Yet, most of the time in the middle world I feel safe. I would like to cultivate a closer relationship with my guardian animal especially because I think she has helped me find what it feels like my true power animal.

3- Describe one “Lower World’ experience with your power animal.

I’d like to bring up something I mentioned previously. At times, I am afraid. I think this is also because I am in a new environment and that fear is reflecting on my journeying and my experiences as a lucid dreamer. Fear is ignorance and I will continue to polish myself through these practices. I can recall going to journey in search of the power animal again because the wolf didn’t feel right because one day I saw the wolf turning his back on me. I extrapolated that experience as not having a good connection with my power animal from a past experience. While doing the third journey to find my power animal, I found a horse the horse has helped me feel safe at this point.

4- Define ‘disassociation.’ What makes the difference between disassociation and shamanic journeying?

Disassociation might be trauma flashbacks of instances where there was distressed in a past event that through disassociation, contact with reality is broken and the mind detaches from the body.

5- Describe ‘Healed Ancestors” and give one example where you experienced your Healed Ancestor.

I have not have had an experience with a healed ancestor. I feel my whole family lineage from both sides of my family have some serious traumas. This results in having a hard time associating with someone to help me heal.

6- ‘The crack between the worlds” occurs each year strongly (when____________________________.) What happens when this occurs?
Autumn, in time for harvesting what we have sown in the spring.

7-Have you found the readings helpful?

I will do a lot of catching up on readings and work in the month of December.

8- On a scale of 1-10, 1 being least valuable and 10 being full value, what number do you give yourself for where you are with the input from training? Remember, no shame, blame, or judgment. This number is to help you honestly evaluate what has happened to you in one month, including all the ‘life lessons’ you’ve been given.

I think I am in the middle. I feel this training has been complimentary to my philosophy and health studies but I also lack not being fully present. I am heart has been very intimate and I need to continue working with the tools I’ve been taught to continue to learn from these practices.

9- Is there anything more we can do for you?

Not at the moment, thank you for your support.