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Susan Pullen

1- From training what has been the most important learning?
How do you see this learning enhancing your daily life?
One thing that I have incorporated into my daily life is something that Christina shared: Thank you for giving your life so that I may live. She offered it in relation to roadkill and such, but I’ve been saying it at meals, especially to the animals that have become part of my meal. I was vegan for a while but my health declined, so I went back to eating meat. It’s kind of an uneasy thing for me so this acknowledgment has felt good.
Probably the most important learning for me thus far has been about the victim/perpetrator roles and how they show up in ourselves, in our family systems, and in our cultures. Also regarding my daily life: I think this training has supported me in going to deeper levels of acceptance and releasing judgments.

2-Describe the ‘Middle World’ spirit place through one experience you’ve had with your guardian animal.
I meet my guardian animal at an old evergreen tree on Lopez Island, on the property of a house my family used to own.

3- Describe one “Lower World’ experience with your power animal.
We went to see Thor: Ragnarok last weekend. Hela (Norse god Hel), Goddess of Death, is one of the characters. I kept feeling a very strong pull, that there was something I was supposed to investigate or do in relation to her. As I was contemplating whether I should journey on it, I passed a construction site and big letters caught my eye: “Hellas.”
When I had a chance to journey, I went to my meeting place and checked with my guardian animal to see if it was right for me to undertake a journey to meet her and got an affirmative response. When I called my allies I was joined by my power animal and my psychopomp ally. We journeyed together down to the threshold gates of Hel’s realm. She met us there. Suddenly we had a bag of gold coins, which we offered her. She took the bag of coins and gave us what we came for: the soul of a man. I didn’t recognize him. He seemed to have olive skin and dark hair. We brought him to the place where my allies bring soul parts for healing when I am doing soul retrievals. After a short time there his form disintegrated into particles of light that floated up and disappeared. I’m not sure why I was called to take part in this, only that it felt right.

4- Define ‘disassociation.’ What makes the difference between disassociation and shamanic journeying?
Disassociation is “checking out” or allowing one’s consciousness to wander, primarily as a form of self-protection (though it can become a habit). Shamanic journeying is done intentionally, with full consciousness and full recall of where you’ve been. Also, with shamanic journeying we make a point of being fully embodied afterwards, which isn’t always the case with dissociation.

5- Describe ‘Healed Ancestors” and give one example where you experienced your Healed Ancestor.
A Healed Ancestor is a being on one’s ancestral line who has received healing and whose soul has developed to the point that they can now provide assistance as a touchstone of neutrality (non-judgment), support, and safety. One example – In a constellation about giving a presentation to my networking group about my spiritual work. The day of my presentation I also called on them and wore colors and jewelry in their honor, to feel more connected to them. It was very supportive!

6- ‘The crack between the worlds” occurs each year strongly (when____________________________.) What happens when this occurs?
The veil is the thinnest around Halloween. At this time communication with spirits is easier as they are more accessible to us and us to them.

7-Have you found the readings helpful?
I have very much enjoyed the readings. The Caitlin Matthews book has primarily been review for me, but I appreciate her explanations. The Language of Love book had a few ideas that really struck me – this has probably been my favorite of the new (to me) readings.

8- On a scale of 1-10, 1 being least valuable and 10 being full value, what number do you give yourself for where you are with the input from training? Remember, no shame, blame, or judgment. This number is to help you honestly evaluate what has happened to you in one month, including all the ‘life lessons’ you’ve been given.
I give myself an 8. I am a slow reader so I have had to hustle to keep us with the readings. I’ve prioritized readings over some of the other assignments such as chatroom postings.

9- Is there anything more we can do for you?
I’m looking forward to more discussion of constellations.