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Lizbeth Vasquez

Journeying to my family soul brought up a harsh family disassociation. Abuse, neglect, addiction, suppression, victimizing and perpetrating. I am a latina, my ancestors are Mayan, Hispanic and Spanish. Here I am, a mutt in a country almost unknown – who is aware of her disassociation. My loss of memory, internal and external insecurity, inability to express verbally, afraid to speak up, stuttering and feeling behind is how it shows up for me.
This wasn’t easy, a painful journey.
My spirit allied allowed me to travel knowing the hardship but she tells me I am strong, and that this is all part of the journey. She says that this is not only my journey but the journey of thousands of people before me and that maybe one of them is you. My spirit allied reminds me that I am fortunate to be able to feel everything. I am one with all, neither good or bad, neither this nor that, I am just a mirroring image, the thought I am, is the polishing cloth.