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Lizbeth Vasquez

After a session with one of our healers, I saw a clear image of my power animal. The “Wolf”. Interestingly enough, I’ve always had this notion of having a wolf by my side, certain situations in my life continuously have brought up this totem in reality but it was never acknowledged. During our very first Sunday seminar, something interesting came up during spirit journeying. I saw what I thought was a dog but later on having realized he was a Wolf. While creating a safe space while journeying, I saw Wolf with blurred vision and then Owl came and he disappeared. Now, that I’ve been getting a little rhythm of spirit journeying wolf is by my side. I even named him too!
I’m inquisitive about spiritual journeying, for now, that is where I feel safe.

Wishing you all health and well being,
Lizbeth Vázquez