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Meg Ryan

Hello everyone. I enjoy reading and learning your animal reflections.We look forward to getting to know our new tribe.

Bat is ready to be recognized in this circle. She is my guardian and is very strong and present in the evenings. She is a faithful companion and we soar to new heights as we listen to the cosmos with great precision and freedom than I could ever imagine. Here’s the story of my journey a few days ago.

I went and sat at the base of my tree and I saw the electric lightening energy go into mother earth and up into the tree into the sky and up past the clouds. I understood it to be re-energizing the connections after they had been turned off for some time. Blowing the dust off, so to say. Then the grid became visible. It was though I could see the grid internally and also externally. Between the middle and upper worlds there was a cable disconnected.I called in bat for her expertise and help.A male bat circled around the 2 ends of the cable 7 or 8 times putting down bat energy/ dust substance.Then a glowing light came around the connection, kind and golden and the connection/ grid was restored. The process was very powerful and I grounded back down in mother earth and my body.

Polar bear momma is my strength and we are together also quietly, she’s always there, bat is much more active right now….