Fall in Love with Your Emotions and Ancestral Roots Online Class


Do you ever wonder what your emotions are trying to communicate with you?
Have you been curious about how family patterns impact your current health and relationships? Looking to deepen your intuitive abilities?


Relationship Coach
Christina Wright-Lonheim, LMFT 
Her Partner
Dale Wright-Lonheim, MS
Educational Counselor
Anna Marie Dinallo, LMHC

Fall in Love with Your Emotions
and Ancestral Roots

Come join the Hummingbird Spiritual Center and Illuminate Health for a four-week online class that explores the answers to deep questions in a safe and nurturing environment. We will:

  • explore the 7 emotions, while learning breathing and meditation techniques to release trauma from the body
  • inter-generational pattern recognition
  • and develop skills to protect yourself from emotional manipulation.

The course is rooted in shamanic therapy and will guide you to develop your wisdom from your ancestors, cultivating your personal wisdom.

Class package will include the following;

  • Weekly readings related to emotional literacy, health and relationships
  • Online discussion forums
  • Recorded Meditations and astrology information
  • In person phone conferences with class facilitators (Sunday evenings @ 7pm MT)
  • 1 individual session with facilitators (value $150)
  • One weekend workshop or one-on-on personal healing (value $250)

The class is open to all levels of meditation, therapists and healers. Recommended for those called to the path of healing or working through emotional issues.

Find out about emotional literacy (what’s your score?)

What song is your ‘inner piano’ playing about your emotional health?

How can you strengthen your emotional boundaries?

What does emotional neutrality look like, feel like, what color is it?


Online class opens Oct 28th

Group phone conference Sunday Nov. 1, 8, 15, 22.

Early Bird Discount $800/Students $600 (Payment plans accepted)

After Oct 15:  $998.00

To Register, pay above  or email us at HUMMINGBIRDSPIRITUALCENTER@GMAIL.COM


The Hummingbird Spiritual Center
and Illuminate Health

Christina & Dale, combine shamanic wisdom with systemic constellations, allowing the soul aspect of our relationships to be seen.  Christina is a marriage/family therapist (LMFT) with over 35 years of sharing how body, mind and soul come together in balance.  Dale is an earth steward with over 15 years shamanic healing practice.  They live in Seattle and work throughout the USA.

Anna is a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) and has been conducting workshops around community health since 2006, and has worked with diverse communities internationally.  She steers Illuminate Health, a local business dedicated to emotional literacy and health.  She is a researcher, yogi, and consultant at the University of New Mexico.


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