Shamanic training course

I AM HEART is a 9-month program that brings together ancient knowledge of shamanism with the contemporary science of family constellation therapy, creating an accelerated healing environment where extraordinary transformation can occur. Most of the program is based online so you can participate from home or work.

Shamanism works to reconnect the web of life. Family Constellation helps you see the ancestral energetic bonds that effect you. You are invited to become both a student and teacher of shamanic constellation work.

Out of love we create energetic bonds with others, that often reveal the hidden stories of our family system. Maybe you are a doctor, nurse, therapist, teacher or other healing professional who longs to bring even more to your clients and guide them toward transformative healing experiences? Or perhaps you come from a discipline outside the healthcare sphere and feel called to serve others through helping them connect the stories they tell with the hidden blueprints of disconnect, trauma, disease, and serious life issues. Incorporating Shamanic Constellation therapy into your practice can bring heart and mind together, using the energy field of the ‘soul.’

Course Information

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