Shamanic Constellation Workshops

Shamanic Soulwork through Systemic Constellations

Find a Sense of Belonging
by Connecting to Your Ancestral Past

Your spiritual life is rooted in the beliefs and geographic regions of your ancestors. Shamanic Constellation soulwork, done with a group of open-hearted individuals, benefits you both emotionally and spiritually by revealing these stories that your ancestors have passed down to you on a cellular level.

Soulwork is a practice that guides you to receive gifts of strength, love and blessings from your spiritual lineages.

Group members serve as representatives, connecting to the ancestral past — including what has been forgotten, rejected or not given a place — and we acknowledge what is.

Use Shamanic Soulwork through Systemic Constellations to:

  • Heal lost connections with your ancestors and homelands
  • Revisit the rich field of inner knowing you were born with
  • Navigate through life with renewed confidence and zeal
  • Experience an enriched sense of belonging, security and love
  • Learn how to match your heartbeat with that of the Universe
  • Explore the great mysteries of life
  • Find security in the ways Mother Earth naturally sustains you
  • Ignite your inner passion for a loving life


C&D.jpgChristina and Dale Wright-Lonheim, as co-facilitators, combine their systemic constellation and shamanic healing skills to create a safe container for body/mind/soul/spirit/heart integration.

Christina, M.A., L.M.F.T., S.H.E.S. Minister. With her interest in integrating psychology and spirituality, Christina brings over 25 years of experience to family therapy, workshops, group and private constellation soulwork, shamanic ritual circles and spiritual healings. After completing Family Constellation Training, she has co-facilitated constellations since 2008.

Dale, M.S., S.H.E.S Minister. With his deep love of the earth, Dale brings 10 years of experience as a shamanic spiritual healer and 35 years as a nature guide. After completing Family Constellation Training, he has co-facilitated constellations since 2008.


Shamanic Constellations are held monthly in the greater Seattle area – JOIN US!
We also conduct workshops throughout the country. For details, check out our upcoming events. To schedule a Constellation in your area, contact us.

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