All the Buried Seeds

Grandfather’s Thoughts

by Dale Wright-Lonheim

seedlingsThis time every year I await, in amazement, at what has been nourished and makes their “grand entrance” from Mother Earth. Regardless what I did or did not do, the parade of “new arrivals” and the return of “old favorites” lets me once again realize that, in my mind, I can only wonder at what is happening under my feet.


Oh! to be just an ant or a bee in this world of magic.


Hence, enters the “master” of confusion: my mind and its instinct to think it needs to know all (or most) of the answers. Now this process never ends up giving me the answer that I “think” I want. However it is this process that starts to widen the “crack between the worlds” that opens up the path of exploration.


Have you ever felt like you were a seed in Mother Earth, in the beginning stage of development and wondered what your purpose in this life is? Two statements by Mark Nepo that provide me with a perspective:


“All the buried seeds
crack open in the dark
the instant they surrender
to a process they can’t see “


and the second one is:


“The flower does not dream of the bee
It blossoms and the bee comes”

As you welcome this season of new growth and beauty notice what blessings we are receiving from those seeds in Mother Earth. Consider slowing down or stopping to reflect on this amazing energy that is under your feet. And then include the question:


“And what is my purpose in this life ? “

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