Healing in a Sacred and Safe Atmosphere

Honoring all spiritual paths, Hummingbird Spiritual Center is home to those who want to connect to their Soul on a personal, family, tribal, and universal level.

  • safely, gently encounter Spirit by finding and following your inner wisdom through shamanic and guided journeys
  • seek Body, Mind and Spirit healing using guided imagery and movement
  • find your unique path in sharing your resources and living in wholeness
Dale & Christina

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Edmonds Shamanic Constellations

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Moving, insightful and happy to engage in my own Ancestral work as well as the collective! Truly SoulWork!

Kay - Shipshewana, IN

I feel growth and expansion and healing every time I attend this very respectful and powerful work.

Judith - South Bend, IN

Eye opening. Causes a great shift in perspective. Very revealing. Put life experiences into perspective and allowed healing to occur.

Elaine - Coloma, MI

Deeply moving. Very affirming. Thank you!

Michelle S.

This work is life changing. It is able to transform the energy and emotions and painful thought processes that block us from our connection to the Divine. This work accesses our core traumas and heals our woundedness.

Joyce - South Bend, IN

This, for me, was a very new and effective way to address some very old, deep problems – pain and other problems I didn’t have a clue related to familial and ancestral issues.

Shawn - Annapolis, MD

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