Social Justice Team

Todd Porter

Todd PorterSince 1995, Todd Porter has been designing optimal energy management for commercial buildings throughout the United States.  His leadership roles in Performance Assurance, Quality, and Research & Development led to the discovery that the biggest challenge isn’t technical.  It's incorporating change in ways that outlive the immediate initiative and achieve long-term impact.  In other words:  How do humans move from "enlightenment" to improved patterns that last?

To explore the dynamics of change in human systems, Mr. Porter completed Case Western’s masters program in Positive Organization Development.  This practical curriculum integrates the science of human development with the practice of organizing humans to work together toward common goals. This expertise in human organizing - combined with the creative skills embedded in his bachelors in Electrical Engineering and masters in music - accords Todd a unique combination of expertise: relational, artistic, and technical.

Combining these areas over the past decade, Mr. Porter has led compassionate communication workshops based on Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication: a Language of Life.  His presentations have equipped professional, community, and faith-based groups that include large suburban school district leaders, university interview officers, movers and shakers within the Wild Goose Festival and other 501(c)(3) organizations, church staff and municipal leaders, and participants in a variety of regional and national conferences.

The conviction underlying all of Todd’s work is that empathic connection between human beings enables us to create the world we long for:  a world in which everyone has what they need.  His work with Charter for Compassion's Social Justice sector is a contribution to that goal.

Belay Reddick

Todd PorterDr. Belay Reddick is often labeled the "poster child" for the three Rs: rehabilitation, redemption and reentry. Dr. Reddick's remarkable story has inspired thousands and worth replicating many more times. He served nearly two decades in federal prison for a nonviolent offense.

While in prison, he wrote a letter to FedEx Headquarters, which ended up on founder and chairman Fred Smith's desk. Months later, Dr. Reddick went from ex-fed to FedEx. 
His calling is to develop the knowledge, wisdom and skills of others that will allow them to reach their full potential and live their lives with purpose and passion. When he is not traveling to speak, he resides in Dallas with his wife Shinita.

Shinita Reddick

Todd PorterShinita Kimbrough-Reddick who, after losing her mother, found herself suffering with depression from grief and a broken heart. Her painful and personal experience with grief was one of the hardest things to overcome. However, prayer, the Word of faith and daily meditation on God’s promises proved to bring emotional healing in her time of need. Remembering God's promises guided her in receiving the help she needed for emotional healing, a renewed faith and a passion to help others with their unimaginable loss.

Through her nonprofit Everyday Solace Foundation. Inc., an online grief support website, she is able to help others who share similar experiences that needs to receive hope and encouragement.

Pattie Williams

Todd PorterPattie Williams is a community volunteer focusing on racial justice and equity. With over 10 years of experience working alongside other community members, Pattie’s focus is community cohesion. She is Charter for Compassion Social Justice Lead and was initiator and co=founder of Compassion Fayetteville, USA. She uses her positive attitude and ongoing commitment to social justice to encourage others to commit to developing personal awareness of past and present individual, institutional, and systemic racism and to moving into action to address racist policies. Pattie specializes in facilitating conversations, team planning and implementation as well as connecting individuals and initiatives. Pattie is inspired daily by her husband. She enjoys reading, watching basketball, travelling and being with friends and family including the recent addition of a second great grandchild.

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