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What Does it Mean to Become a Partner of CFC?

Compassion is not an option. It's the key to our survival.  ~Karen Armstrong

By becoming a Partner of CFC, your group, organization or institution joins our “network of networks” to bring an awareness of compassion and compassionate action to everything we do as we interact with other people and with our environment. You can sign on as a partner (at no cost) in any one of our current sectors:


For Everyone

As a Partner of CFC, your group, business, organization, or institution will:

  • Help create, build, and sustain the network of Compassionate Communities in your own community and in the worldwide network of communities.
  • Connect the compassion and compassionate action that you are already bringing to the work you do with the work and hopes of others who have the same vision of a more compassionate and peaceful world.
  • Have the opportunity to communicate and connect with others—within your sector and across sectors—to share your experiences and learn from others about what they are doing to ignite and grow compassionate action.
  • Be assigned a link to your organization on our website so that you and your work will be visible to others both within your sector and across sectors.
  • Gain access to a private Facebook group where our varied and vibrant Partners can share events, resources, and advice.
  • Be invited to listen and participate in our regular telephone conference calls—usually including a provocative speaker followed by discussion among our members and partners.
  • Receive our newsletters to learn of the worldwide activities of the Charter for Compassion, including events, news, conferences, and other resources that may be helpful to you.
  • Now, more than ever before, we at the Charter for Compassion believe it is possible—and indeed, urgently necessary—to tap into our common desire for a more compassionate and peaceful world by building a vast interconnected network of compassion among the peoples of the Earth.  We hope you will join us!


We now have a Charter Seal that we hope you will consider placing on your website. We are requesting a minimal donation of $25 for the seal. Take a look, make a donation, and we'll email you the seal!

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