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The Charter for Compassion issues newsletters three times each month. Most of the newsletters are thematic in nature, though upon occasion we publish special newsletters that relate to a global crisis, special projects such as the Tutu Forgiveness Challenge, or specific issues that correspond to the work of compassionate cities and communities or Charter partners.

All newsletters are archived in each of our partner sectors: (the arts, business, education, environment, healthcare, peace, religion/spirituality and interfaith, restorative justice, science and research, social service and women and girls). 

Newsletters also announce our regularly scheduled conference calls and provide links for registration for participation.  All calls are free and every effort is made to find appropriate times to connect with our international membership.  Reports resulting from each of the calls are available as part of our newsletters and document linked (above).

Finally, come to this section on the website to quickly access our latest newsletter and link to it so you can forward it to your family, friends and colleauges. You can subscribe to our newsletters at the bottom right of this page.


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