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pomonaprCompassionate Pomona Proclamation, April 2, 2018 

pomonagrGrassroots Compassionate City group with the Pomona City Council and Mayor as presented with the Proclamation

Announcement made at Pomona City Meetings (City Council/Commissions):
(Also signage in the Council foyer, and printed on speaker cards)

“The City Council [or appropriate commission] welcomes everyone and thanks you for your presence.

Together the members elected or appointed to this body, City staff, and the public honor Pomona’s important City meeting values:

  • To speak and to listen to everyone with respect and courtesy.
  • To honor fairness and our cherished democratic process.
  • To affirm Pomona’s dedication to lead as a Compassionate City.

Thank you all for keeping these values and this commitment to act with them ever present in our minds as we proceed with this meeting together.”

P4110402The Pomona cohort in the Compassionate Leadership Program, April 11, 2018.
Training of Pomona leaders and stakeholders in “Authentic Leadership Development
and Sustainable Culture Transformation” by Dr. Laura Burgis and the Human Values Center team.

Compassionate Pomona Video (5:28):

Compassionate Pomona Focus Areas (varies):

  • Advancing Compassion and related Values
  • Using Creativity and the Arts to enhance the work
  • Shining a light on our Youth/Schools
  • Providing positive community support in addressing
    significant challenges such as Homelessness and Housing
  • Promoting Restorative Justice/Practices
  • And more

A sample selection of solution-driven action:

  • Ongoing Monthly Meetings of both a General Compassionate Community Committee
    and a Youth-Focused Committee; others as needed (Restorative Justice/Practices, etc.)
  • Monthly Values Focus with City Proclamations, public banners, applications sent to schools
    and available to the community encouraging creative participation in values projects,
    which are acknowledged on our website and by our city and school district
  • A significant Youth focus, including promotion of youth decision-making and leadership
  • Training in SKY Schools Stress Reduction Breathing Technique (in process of roll out
    for the larger community): schools, parents, police, and community leadership
  • Restorative Practices Training (roll out for the larger community): schools, mental health
    institutions; with longer range plans for a Pomona Valley Center for Restorative Justice
  • Compassionate Pomona art quilt project -- talking/learning about Compassion while painting
    squares at community schools, faith centers, nonprofits, and the Hope for Homes Shelter
  • Welcome Your Neighbors Signs
  • And much more

Also visit us at:

   http://compassionatepomona.org/  (includes a full list of Partners)
   Major Shareholders/Partners include: the grassroots community (interfaith and nonprofit groups and individuals), Pomona City Hall, Pomona Unified School District (PUSD), Tri-City Mental Health, Pomona Police Department, Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), University of La Verne, and more.

Primary Community Contact:
 Rev Jan 010413b  Rev. Jan Chase, Unity of Pomona, , 909-896-0991
   In addition, Compassionate Pomona has leaders for several focus areas, including Youth and Restorative Justice/Practices, as well as a focused Compassionate City Contact.

Compassionate Pomona PowerPointComing Soon
The Compassionate Pomona PowerPoint, as well as our Website and Facebook, provide more detail about our work and our dedicated grassroots team.

POMONA 1 Dec2019 Proclamation Dec. ’19 Proclamation on “Giving” at Pomona City Hall
Mayor Tim Sandoval with Pastor Lauren Cohen and other grassroots team
members, including Drs. Rose and Hum Bui (in white). The following morning
Cao Dai leader and Interfaith Advocate Dr. Hum Bui died while playing tennis.

POMONA 3 Summer 2019 Youth playing day 1Local youth engaging with youth from China
Summer Youth Program at Village Academy HS during 3 weeks in July ‘19
brought Compassion to 100 local youth and 300 youth from China
(~ 100 different students each of the 3 weeks)

POMONA Summer 2019 proud local girl painting greenLocal youth very proud of her Compassionate Pomona Quilt Square

Pomona Compassion Quilt Squares 2A selection of the Compassionate Pomona Quilt Squares

Pomona Welcome Your Neighbor Sign Side 1https://www.welcomeyourneighbors.org/
A standard yard sign in Spanish/English/Arabic

Pomona Welcome Your Neighbor Sign Side 2Welcome Your Neighbors yard sign in Vietnamese
(translated by Drs. Rose & Hum Bui) / English / Mandarin

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