Better Living Together

better living together

Better Living Together is dedicated to addressing the housing crisis facing people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through the creation of affordable and inclusive communities. Our first project is focused on creating a community in Decatur, GA that will include individuals experiencing disability, seniors, veterans, and those with below median income. Our envisioned community will be the first of its kind in Georgia, where neighbors are joined by their desire to build supportive relationships and share time and gifts.

What are we proposing?

  • An Affordable and Inclusive Community of approximately 60 residents ranging from students to young families to seniors and veterans, with approximately 25% who are adults with developmental disabilities. Neighbors are joined by their desire to build supportive relationships and share time and gifts.
  • A Joyful Community that comes together to share meals, garden, celebrate special occasions, and engage with the surrounding neighborhood. The community will have a common house where residents could gather.
  • A Prototype Community that will serve as a model for other similar developments. 1, 2, and 3 bedroom owner-occupied cottages with attached studios and separate accessory dwelling units offer optimal flexibility in living arrangements and affordability, as well as the opportunity to rent or sell accessory units. Units would be built to allow people to age in place and accommodate those with physical limitations.
  • An Intentional Community that balances connection and privacy, support and clear boundaries. Each household is responsible for maintaining the basic primary needs of its resident. Individuals with disabilities live with family members or employ caregivers.

Location: Decatur, GA, USA

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