Film Series


Denise Jans,

The Charter for Compassion 2022 Film Series, in partnership with Films for the Planet, is delighted to introduce you to relevant feature-length films we are sure you will enjoy. We’ve curated a selection of meaningful documentaries that raise awareness to the theme of compassion and relate to one or more of the Charter’s twelve sectors. Upon registration, private viewing information will be sent that includes the dates available and a link to watch the film at your convenience. Each film will be available to watch for free in either one month, one week or 2-3-day intervals. 

Be sure to share this opportunity with friends and family. Film is a great catalyst for conversation and is considered one of the most effective means of learning. Documentaires provide a lens to better seeing the world and understanding matters affecting us all. If you are inspired, feel free to form a discussion group to further explore a film topic of interest. We will be adding educational resources where applicable, to guide your discussion and enhance your viewing experience.

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