Environment Sector


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Our vision is to inspire, support, and educate in order to live in harmony as an integrated community of diverse beings - human and nonhuman - through compassionate action.


1. To offer educational and hands-on opportunities that inspire greater compassionate action on behalf of all beings - human and nonhuman.

2. To promote and nurture the nature-human interconnection.

3. To engage sector partners and the global public in initiatives that work toward greater sustainability of the planet.

4. To feature the work of smaller-scale, vital environmental projects worldwide.


We recognize that there are myriad projects that support a healthy global environment. We care about them all.  Our Sector is eager to apply a hands-on approach, and so we have narrowed our short-term focus to specifically address these four United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: #6, #12, #13, and #15.      

The Environment Sector cordially invites our partners and all interested other to our bi-monthly film and book discussion series. During these free, one-hour global conversations, we will focus on the themes in the featured media with special emphasis on compassionate action. Participants are welcome to read or view the chosen film or publication in advance but this is not required for attendance. Please mark your calendars with these dates and check out our Environment Sector Facebook Page for updates about each event. 

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