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The Community Chats serve to spotlight communities across the globe working on compassionate initiatives. While no two communities are identical and the projects each takes on are unique, these sessions are helpful in providing insight - one community to another. Listed below are the featured communities thus far.

You don't have to be from the area to join these Chats, you are welcome to any you might be interested in and find out what other communities are doing to find inspiration. We adapt these chats to whoever turns up, they are a space to share what's happening in your community and for Charter to share what's new. 


You can check and register to upcoming Chats here:


UK Chat - October 12th, 7am PDT WATCH THE RECORDING HERE

Mexico Chat - October 13th, 10:30am PDT WATCH THE RECORDING HERE 

Australia Chat - October 18th, 4pm PDT WATCH RECORDING HERE 

Africa Chat - October 20th, 6am PDT no recording available  

New Zealand Chat - October 25th, 2pm PDT no recording available 

Canada Chat - October 26th, 4pm PDT WATCH THE RECORDING HERE 

U.S. Chat - October 27th, 4pm WATCH THE RECORDING HERE


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