Arts Partners


Many artists and art organizations bring the depths and heights of the human spirit to us in a myriad of art forms. Art has always had the power to connect us to one another. Now, however, more than any other time in history, we have both greater urgency and greater opportunity to connect people, to work together to imagine and to build a global compassionate world.

We invite you to join us—to weave your compassion with the same heartfelt impulse of both friends and strangers throughout the Earth, and to bring compassion and compassionate action to a worldwide audience that is yearning for a more compassionate and peaceful world. Read about how to become a partner, and raise your voice for compassion with other Partners and members of the Charter for Compassion community.



A Red Circle (Florissant, MO, USA)

Active Kids Art Group (Sulaimaniya, IRAQ)

The Africa Expo (Tucker, GA, USA)

Afrique Aya Drum and Dance Troupe (Fayetteville, AR, USA)

Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project (Auburn, AL, USA)

Alive Inside Foundation (Cleveland, OH, USA)

Alliance Theatre (Atlanta, GA, USA)

All of Us (Wezembeeek Oppem, Flanders, Belgium)

AmericaWillBe.US (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Anchorlot (New York, NY, USA)

Art in the Image (Atlanta, GA, USA)

Art of Ceremony (Penzance, UNITED KINGDOM)

Art of the Soul (Gaborone, BOTSWANA)

Artfulness (Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, Portugal)

AT&T Performing Arts Center (Dallas, TX, USA)

Aurora Theatre (Lawrencevlle, GA, USA)

AYA Centro de Artes Expresivas y Desarrollo de la Consciencia (Garcia, Nuevo Leon, Mexico)


B.Kind (Louisville, KY, USA)

Bainbridge Performing Arts (Bainbridge Island, WA, USA)

Barnas Landskap Childrens Landscape (Oslo, NORWAY)

Bil Haus Arts (San Antonio, TX, USA)

Breaking Walls (New York, NY, USA)

Bruce Wood Dance Project (Dallas, TX, USA)

Buddhist Boot Camp (Portland, OR, USA)

Bureau Nevejan and Mindful Compassion Amsterdam (Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS)

Burgandy Productions (Amsterdam, Netherlands)


Cape Town Recovery Film Festival (Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA)

Carápan Mexican Folk Art (Monterrey, NL, MEXICO)

CARAVAN (Winfield, IL, USA)

Casa Boas (The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands)

Center for Bangladesh Studies (Dhaka, BANGLADESH)

Chance Films (Santa Monica, CA, USA)

Character Champions Foundation (Pomona, CA, USA)

Chasing My Dreams Film Group

CirqueLouis (Louisville, KY, USA)

Cities of Peace (East Hampton, NY, USA)

Community Connect Foundation (Sonoma, CA, USA)

Compassion Central (Carmichael, California, USA)

Contemplative Crafting (Stone Mountain, GA, USA)

Crazywise (Mercer Island, WA, USA)

Creative Economy Action (Fayetteville, AR, USA)

Crow Collection of Asian Art (Dallas, TX, USA)

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art (Bentonville, AR, USA)

Cultivated Human - Karina Hatcher (Atlanta, GA, USA)

Cultural Infusion (Colingwood, AUSTRALIA)

Cupola Contemporary Art (Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM)



Dallas Arts District (Dallas, TX, USA)

Deen Arts Foundation (Plano, TX, USA)

Dallas Art Therapy (Richardson, TX, USA)

Deep Time Walk CIC (Totnes, UNITED KINGDOM)

DeKalb Choral Guild, Inc. (Decatur, GA, USA)

DreamRider Productions (Port Moody, BC, CANADA)


Individual Artists

  1. Aberjhani, Author and Poet (Savannah, GA, USA)
  2. Alexis Donkin (Buellton, CA, USA)
  3. Aliza Hava (Santa Cruz, CA, USA)
  4. Amy Camie (St. Louis, MO, USA)
  5. Andrea Previtali (Milano, Italy)
  6. Beccy McCray (London, United Kingdom)
  7. Beth Grossman (Brisbane, CA, USA)
  8. Blue Boat (Stillwater, MN, USA)
  9. Brecia Creative (Santa Barbara, CA, USA)
  10. Brayden Patterson Productions (St. Louis, MO, USA)
  11. Candy Chang (New Orleans, LA, USA)
  12. Carl Karush (Brooksville, ME, USA)
  13. Carson Topping (Atlanta, GA, USA)
  14. David Breaux, writer and story teller (David, CA, USA)
  15. Dr. Jessica Quiñones, International Flautist (Truro, CON, UNITED KINGDOM)
  16. Ecologisers (Gress, Scotland, United Kingdom)
  17. Elizabeth Oehrle (Durban, South Africa)
  18. Emma's Revolution (Oceanside, CA, USA)
  19. Harry Pickens (Louisville, KY, USA)
  20. Joelyn Lutz (Santa Maria, CA, USA)
  21. John Calve (New York, NY, USA)
  22. John Smelcer (Kirksville, MO, USA)
  23. Libby- Art Studios (Hopkins, SC, USA)
  24. Lori Henriques (Beaverton, OR, USA)
  25. Merlin T. Lee (Louisville, KY, USA)
  26. NDR (Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom)
  27. Olivia Frances (Nashville, TN, USA)
  28. One Wordsmith (Appleton, WI, USA)
  29. Paula Swenson - Zografis (Vila Nove do Ceira, Coimbra, Portugal)
  30. SaadeStudio (Jersey City, NJ, USA)
  31. Salma Arastu Collection (Berkeley, CA, USA)
  32. Stella Rossi Dance (Bainbridge Island, WA, USA)
  33. Susan Salidor: Music Performer (Chicago, IL, USA)
  34. Tim Holmes Art Studio (Helena, MT, USA)
  35. Vanessa F. Hurst, MS (Louisville, KY, USA)
  36. Victor Johnson (Bend, OR, USA)
  37. Zahava Sherez (Oakland, CA, USA)
  38. Zeena Nackerdien, Freelance Writer (New York, NY, USA)
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