Hummingbird Spiritual
Healing in a sacred and safe atmosphere
Honoring all spiritual paths, Hummingbird Spiritual Center is home to those who want to connect to their Soul on a personal,
Through gentle, safe guidance, you will...
  • encounter Spirit by finding and following your inner wisdom through shamanic and guided journeys
  • seek Body, Mind and Spirit healing using guided imagery and movement
    ... in order to find your unique path in sharing your resources.
  • family, tribal, and universal level.
    Individual and couple counseling is offered as well as spiritual counseling.
    Spiritual healings with a team of shamanic healers can be arranged.
    Systemic constellations, where we look for a new way to see our soul within its personal, family, tribal and universal context are available.
    Also offered:
  • Ancestral healings in which you draw strength from a blood or spiritual ancestor in order to heal broken relationships.
  • Spiritual growth classes and workshops.
  • Shamanic journey groups.
  • Long distance healings are possible.
  • Presenter at the 2011 Systemic Constellations Conference www.usconstellations.com

    Our thanks to Frank Spears for the use of his beautiful photos.
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